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Hello Everybody !

I crafted a 'Vehicle Panel' which helps players to create vehicles, locate them, get detail about it, warp inside and as well as blow that vehicle. Following are basic instructions regarding this 'Vehicle Panel'.

-- Instruction --

1. Key '5' is bound to open the vehicle panel. So, you need to press 5 to open up the panel. You can edit this key by editing 'client.lua'. Not too hard huh !

2. In vehicle panel, you can see a arrow head. Click on it, then you would appear a grid that list most of vehicles in game. click on one of it twise [ i mean double click on it :p ]. Then grid will disappear and you can see a button with the name of the vehicle. Just click on it, you'll gain that vehicle :)

3. There are 3 other buttons in this vehicle panel;

*One will helps to list the details of the vehicle you created before [ details like location, type, name... ].
*2nd one will warp you into the last vehicle you created. When you are out from the vehicle, just click on it to warp inside. Too eazy.. :D

*last button, it will blow up the vehicle ! 0_0 uuu..

4. You can create only one vehicle at one time.

Thank You !
There may be few bug, kindly report any bug as a comment. Enjoy !!


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