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- 2017-11-27 13:38:10#19 kaasislv
can anyone help me solve problem that bone_attach sometimes lags and all elements that was attached doesn't follow player anymore and after sometime it attaches back to it? Also i get this error aswell

ERROR: [DayZ-MTA]/DayZ/bone_attach/attach_func.lua:117: cannot resume dead coroutine [string "?"]
- 2017-07-18 23:30:07#18 Dutchman101

It works fine on 1.5.4
- 2014-08-03 23:04:59#17 pinacolas
Work with mta 1.4 for everyone ?
- 2014-07-26 06:53:47#16 codylewiz
Stolen From Crystal something including the gravity gun he susposably made
- 2014-01-16 13:50:54#15 Ren712
- 2012-01-05 20:07:15#14 slothman
I love this script! definitly using it for a project I'm working on. I just wish going up and down slopes wasn't so bad.
- 2011-08-19 17:10:37#13 Tunner
anyway, this resource looks like more realistic attachElements and you dont have to set the position manualy so bad now. 5/5 for me, good job.
- 2011-08-19 17:07:02#12 Tunner
It doesnt work with CJ skin. the attached object just disapears and flickers somewhere else. if you change skin it works again..
- 2011-07-27 01:21:38#11 villr12
oh what dumb i am...

you jsut use removeElement or something :P
- 2011-07-26 01:48:32#10 villr12
you could maybe make so you can detach the object or!?
- 2011-07-25 15:00:26#9 Bpb_Xommko
Vehicle attaching is fun :D
- 2011-07-23 20:48:00#8 Devan_LT
Yes. You can attach any physical element, but in 1.0.5, only objects have correct rotation.
- 2011-07-23 00:15:21#7 Bpb_Xommko
Oh, did n't notice the element argument - thought that it was for model :) Then element return is not needed. But... does this mean I can even attach vehicle? O_o
- 2011-07-22 16:18:53#6 QuantumZ
Somebody should make a wiki page for this. 5/5 GJ
- 2011-07-22 11:20:29#5 Devan_LT
Return element? Why? If you're able to attach the element, you're able to set its model and destroy it because the first argument of attachElementToBone is the element anyway.
Functions for setting position and rotation may be useful, though. I didn't add these because another attachElementToBone call can be used to overwrite the current offset, but now I think I could add these to make scripting a little bit quicker for some people.
- 2011-07-22 10:18:40#4 Bpb_Xommko
Awesome script, I gonna use it somewhere.

This might be useful if you return object's element (instead of 'true') in attachElementToBone(), ex. to be able to setElementModel, or destroyElement(). Also you could add setElementAttachPosition() and setElementAttachRotation.
- 2011-07-19 19:39:48#3 tinnetju
This makes roleplay servers so much, more realistic.
This makes freeroams so much more funnier.
This makes cutscenes and stuff so much better to understand and more realistic.

- 2011-07-19 15:53:52#2 Dre-+-
Its awesome! 5/5
- 2011-07-19 15:40:03#1 DakiLLa
Yay, I'd rate this 10/5 if It'd be possible. Finally someone done this :) Good job!