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Authors:arc, ccw
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The official MTA:SA race resource. Supports all the classic MTA:Race maps and modes: standard racing, Destruction Derby, and freeroam.

For more information, see http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/index.php?title=Resource:Race

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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.0.1 2015-01-09 22:18:06 Copied from current MTA:SA release Download
1.0.0 2009-09-08 16:36:15 The updated version for MTA:SA 1.0. Includes countless fixes and improvements, mainly by ccw. Download
0.8.1 2008-02-14 14:38:09 Several minor fixes, including: spelling mistakes in ranking ("11st" etc), disappearing doors, overlapping ranking board entries. Download
0.8.0 2008-02-07 06:14:36 First public release Download

Maps for this gamemode

Name Long name Description
crazy_race CRAZY_RaCe *** Crazy Race - Moja mapka do wyścigów, posiadająca wiele obiekt..
monza_grand_prix_extract_me_first Monza Grand Prix Monza Grand Prix race 2 laps made from scratch by Silverball
embrace thy mystery 6 Embrace Thy Mystery 6 See Forum
race-fallanddie Fall and Die A mega hella weird map designed for both MTA SA DM race mod and MTA ..
race-riseandshine Rise And Shine Another map that i've been sitting on for .. like forever .. My sec..
race-bridgeoffate BridgeOfFate Bridge of Fate ~ by Chief. Named after an Unreal Tournament map b..
race-elcarado ElcaradoI/II Elcarado I/II ~ by Chief. The first race for gold. A challenging ..
race-elcarado3 ElcaradoIII Elcarado III ~ by Chief. The trilogy ends with its most difficult..
race-h2o H2O H2O ~ by Chief. A small, fairly easy boat race round the docks of..
race-hayfever HayFever Hay Fever ~ by Chief. Don't sneeze whatever you do. GoFastFTW! me..
race-hayfever2 HayFever II Hay Fever II ~ by Chief. The worst hay fever of all, once more a ..
race-lasventurasslam LasVenturasSlam Las Venturas Slam ~ by Chief. Slam your way round the city of Las..
race-sanfierroslam SanFierroSlam San Fierro Slam ~ by Chief. Slam your way round the city of San F..
race-lossantosslam LosSantosSlam Los Santos Slam ~ by Chief. Slam your way round the city of Los S..
race-pyramidscheme PyramidScheme Pyramid Scheme ~ by Chief. One checkpoint. One Pyramid. One..
race-rooftoprumble The First Insanity. Rooftop Rumble I ~ by Chief. Letsssss get ready to Rumble ! Us..
race-rooftoprumbleextreme Rooftop Rumble eXtreme Rooftop Rumble Extreme ~ by Chief. Letsssss get ready to Rumble !..
race-rooftoprumbleii Rooftop Rumble II Rooftop Rumble II ~ by Chief. Letsssss get ready to Rumble ! U..
race-rooftoprumbleiii Rooftop Rumble III. Rooftop Rumble III ~ by Chief. Letsssss get ready to Rumble ! ..
race-speedfreak Speed Freak Speed Freak ~ by Chief. High speed racing on NRG-500s. The point ..
race-speedfreakdeluxe SpeedFreak Deluxe Speed Freak Deluxe ~ by Chief. High speed racing on NRG-500s. The..
race-speedfreakii SpeedFreakII Speed Freak II ~ by Chief. High speed racing on NRG-500s. The poi..
race-speedfreakiii The Final Quest For Speed. Speed Freak III ~ by Chief. High speed racing on NRG-500s. The po..
race-trainrace Train Race Train Race ~ by Chief. A small train race. Nothing too difficult,..
race-plungeintome Plunge Into Me Yes, this race map has a dirty name. But once you play this race, y..
race-futurahotrods Futura Hot Rods A map of a city named "Futura", racing hotknifes.
race-racer1 racer1 Racer 1 Map for Race gamemode Have Fun!
race-bansheeboardwalkdune Banshee Boardwalk Dune mariokart banshee boardwalk - dune 1 lap, max players: 32 only w..
race-bansheeboardwalkelegy Banshee Boardwalk Elegy mariokart banshee boardwalk - Elegy 3 laps, max players: 32 only..
race-bansheeboardwalkkart Banshee Boardwalk Kart mariokart banshee boardwalk - kart 1 lap, max players: 32 only w..
race-rainbowroadclub Rainbow Road Club mariokart rainbow road - club 1 lap, max players: 32 only works ..
race-rainbowroadinfernus Rainbow Road Kart mariokart rainbow road - Infernus 1 lap, max players: 32 only wo..
race-rainbowroadkart Rainbow Road Kart mariokart rainbow road - Kart 1 lap, max players: 32 only works ..
race-rainbowroadnrg500 Rainbow Road NRG500 mariokart rainbow road - nrg500 1 lap, max players: 32 only work..
race-rainbowroadturismo Rainbow Road Turismo mariokart rainbow road - turismo 1 lap, max players: 32 only wor..
race-sanmaniainfernus Sanmania Infernus sanmania - infernus 1 lap, max players: 12 only works in mta 1.0..
race-spacetubesandking Spacetube Sandking spacetube - sandking 1 lap, max players: 16 (64 with ghostmode on..
race-wipeout2bullet Wipeout 2 Bullet wipeout 2 - bullet 1 lap, max players: 17 only works in mta 1.0 ..
race-wipeout2infernus Wipeout 2 Infernus wipeout 2 - infernus 1 lap, max players: 17 only works in mta 1...
race-wipeout2nrg500 Wipeout 2 NRG500 wipeout 2 - nrg500 1 lap, max players: 21 only works in mta 1.0 ..
race-wipeout2zr350 Wipeout 2 ZR350 wipeout 2 - zr350 1 lap, max players: 17 only works in mta 1.0 a..
race-wipeout5infernus Wipeout 5 Infernus wipeout 5 - infernus 2 laps, max players: 24 (64 with ghostmode o..
race-wormholeinfernus Wormhole Infernus wormhole - infernus max players: 32 only works in mta 1.0 and su..
ufo baza Chiliad Climb ???? ?? ??????? ???
race-law Crime fighting (LS) Fight against crime and fight against the time! I was boored to d..
exodragonsracemapsjuly2009 Dragon's Race Maps INFO: All the maps are INSIDE this package, you HAVE TO unzip it and..
race-200cp 200CheckpointsRace 200 checkpoints race. Takes almost 1 hour to finish.
race-days of thunder nascar Days of Thunder Nascar
race-days_of_thunder_nascar Days of Thunder Nascar use this resource for download the other one doesnt seem to work sorry
hopp hopp Jump race track with vehicle changes about six minutes to finish
the-war-of-san-andreas-ii The V2 of te War of San Andreas, Airplane (Rustler) El 2do mapa de ..
[shooter] - wellington cs 1.6 cs_assault [Shooter] - WellingTon Cs 1.6 cs_assault Video Map - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO7hHg9dwGs&feature=you..
race-5lap8tracklagparty 5lap 8track LagParty 8track with jump in the middle That's what the original descripti..
race-fogysendd Fogysen DD My first DD map. Simple, but nice looking. Created for UtopiaCS.pl D..
race-utopiadd Utopia DD Very simple DD map with really many spawns (60). Created for Utopia..
race-driftersvscops Drifters vs cops Drifters vs cops: The original version for mta:race had a spawnpoint..
desert-mayhem New version of the map is out. Completely re-done.
desert.mayhem A going-down style race map. Map features lots of loops/spirals and ..
[dm]neighbourhoodgigolo My first DM style map for race gamemode. --------------------------..
zukimax Race DM by CO_CAZeRo Race Dm by CO_CAZeRo, my first nice map you get the hunter in about ..
[dd] glaswindows by villr Hope you like it ;D
silverballs_mastercup Silverballs_Mastercup A new Grand Prix track like Monza Grand Prix made from scratch by my..
wrc race part 1 WRC Race Part 1 WRC Race Part 1 Car: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X (Infernus) Player: 32 ..
wrc race part 2 WRC Race Part 2 WRC Race Part 2: Car: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X (Infernus) Player: 32..
wrc race part 3 WRC Race Part 3 WRC Race Part 3: Car: Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Infernus) Player: 32 ..
desert coaster Desert coaster Desert coaster: Race in the desert. Car: Infernus&Sandking Player: ..
ufopia Ufopia (X)_(X) 1 Ufopia: Air Race Car: Comet, Turismo, RC Bandit, Bullet, Sandking a..
bird vs abuser Bird Vs Abuser Bird Vs Abuser: Car: Nrg-500, Rc Raider, Turismo, Dodo and Sanchez ..
short and fun Short and fun Short and fun: Car: Jester, vortex, Nrg-500, Rustler,Rc Bandit, BMX..
race-x86dynamic [DM].x86.-.Welcome.To.The.Dynamic.World.!. [DM] Race map. Mapname: [DM].x86.-.Welcome.To.The.Dynamic.World.!..
bank robbers Bank Robbers MTA Race map. Min 10 Max 32 player. 7 police car, 25 robber car. The..
rocky island grand prix Rocky Island Grand Prix 2 short laps on my custom Race Circuit made from scratch update t..
norrisring Norrisring 3 laps on Norrisring Circuit (DTM Version)Racing with a Hotring w..
skcdeathrace [SKC] Death Race [SKC] Death Race: MTA Race map. Max 32 player, min 2. 40 cp. 10 sec..
race-miner Mine Race My first race I made. It is great for a challenge. Don't let the nam..
race-citycoaster.1.0.0 City Coaster City Coaster: MTA race map. 32 player. 66 cp. 10 sec respawn. Vech..
race-citycoaster1.0.1 City Coaster City Coaster: MTA race map. 32 player. 66 cp. 10 sec respawn. Vech..
race-custommapthefunnel custom map THE funnel Hey! Hey!(crazy)=because is not a realistic map. Its a custom map ba..
race-kwk-spliff_second KWK Spliff Second Epic Scripted Event Based Race. :D Spliff Second By KWKSND Its..
race-[dd]-nerodd9_skc [DD]NeroDD9_SKC [DD]NeroDD9_SKC This map is from =KoG=Nero (The creator of team =..
[dm] arena Arena My first map so do not be offended that this card is a little ...:=)
race-[dd]-destructionwater_skc [DD]Destruction-Water-SKC [DD]Destruction Water_SKC This map is from [NB]ExPloiTeD The m..
bmx [DM] sTx|BMX v.1 I'm not the best map creator but I hope that you will be useful ^^
forest coaster Forest Coaster Forest Coaster 1.0.1 32 player. Car: Sandking. Cp: 66. Respawn: 10s..
woopy !!Whoopee race!! hey guys, im new here and i like to show you my first release; i..
[dm]co_cazero-great taste&no sugar [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Great taste&No sugar [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Great taste&No sugar. My third map this one is nice an..
[dm]co_cazero-fast way with inferus [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Fast way with Infernus [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Fast way with infernus. My fourth map, it begins on th..
[dm]co_cazero-shizzzle v1 [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Shizzzle v1 [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Shizzzle v1. The fifth map of me. There are two versio..
[dm]co_cazero-shizzzle v2 [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Shizzzle v2 [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Shizzzle v2. Sixth map and version 2 of the Shizzzle s..
[dm]co_cazero-i'll be watching you CO_CAZeRo-I'll be watching you [Dm]CO_CAZeRo-I'll be watching you. The seventh map and the title is..
[dm]co_cazero-lost in the woods [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Lost in the woods? [DM]CO_CAZeRo-Lost in the woods?. The eight map of me. Are you reall..
[dm]dummy&co [DM]Dummy&Co [DM]Dummy&Co. My second map it's still a bad DM map but for a beginn..
cdc car Circuit De Catalunya (car) Circuit De Catalunya (car): MTA Race map. 61 cp, 3 lap. 10 sec resp..
small stunt map CRAZY_RaCe a small selfmade map have fun and if u want u can change it and put ..
race-ecpt Estoril Circuit PT Estoril Circuit PT MTA race map. 32 player. 31 cps (3 lap). 10 sec ..
world trade center World Trade Center This situation LOOKS LIKE the tragedy, because there is a plane and ..
tmap_01 [DM]UnLiMiTeD's_CraZy_WorLd Its a race map... Please read after download the readme.txt ! ..
race-biababa Biababa Raceway (Cheetah) Biababa Raceway MTA race map. 32 player. 25 cps (3 lap). 5 sec re..
tmap_02 [DD]UnLiMiTeD's_Arena_V1 [DD]UnLiMiTeD's_Arena_V1 is a Destruction Derby map, which plays in ..
dm_holy [DM]UnLiMiTeD's_HolY This map is the first map of the autor. It was made by Snap. Here ..
[dd][soad][v1] [DD][SOAD][V1] Race Map DD map by SOAD Style: Modern Textured
pachanga_ boiing boiing! Pachanga_ Boiing Boiing! Good map ;)
[dd]soad-we.love.playboy.industries [DD]SOAD-We.Love.Playboy.Industries Textured DD Map. By SOAD PlayBoy Bunny by Playboy(r)
dm_extrem [DM]UnLiMiTeD's_ExtreM This map is made by Snap*... Here you can see a video:
[dd] in the big hole by minigoveya! [DD] In The Big Hole BY MINIGOVEYA! HII ! :D Well ... that map is so funny... Have this cars to Ba..
[dm] zona minada [DM] Zona Minada By YakkoAkaBaster Ft. MiniGoveya Hii! Again I xDD So ... here i give you a new map with my frien..
[dd] down! down! down! [DD] Down! Down! Down! By MiniGoveya Its a Map of form [DD] Is great ... You can down for the hol..
race-ovalrace Oval Race Oval Race race map: 32 player, 9 cps (2 laps). Car: Hotring Racer ..
=dm=map2(drifter789) =DM=MaP2(drifter789) this is not the first put it's the good one
=dm=map3(drifter789) =DM=MaP3(drifter789) the third map i do it
[race] formula 1 [Race] Formula 1 Formula 1 laps race map From DMC http://www.youtube.com/watch?..
[race] speed for weed 2 [Race] Speed for Weed 2 Easy (drift) map From DMC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siHYX..
[dm]night life by cookie [DM]Night Life by COOKIE [DM]Night life v1 made by COOKIE Don't change the map name into som..
[dm] iwld-aljazeera [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa | map_1
race-multi-project-1 Multi Project 1
race-bridgerace Bridge Race 32 players, 27 cps (3 lap), respawn 5 sec, gamespeed 1.05. Cars: com..
race-bridgerace02 Bridge Race 2 37 cps (4 laps), 32 player, car: bullet, respawn 5sec Scripts: m..
race-floodrace Flood Race 33 cps, 32 player, car: cheetah, respawn 5sec Scripts: explosion..
race-[dm] imnoob v4 - isnowasblackstar [DM] ImNoob v4 - Is.Now.As.BlackStar no sirve
all tara maps and more TARA|X5| NOTHING
race-extremhydrarace Extrem Hydra Race Extrem Hydra Race: 32 players, 60 cps. Vehicle: Hydra. Hydra: Lo..
tarax5 aprueba de todo [DM] A Prueba de Todo by TARA|X5| fail download, esta dañado el sistema de subida, lo sube muy mal. T..
race-[dm] a prueba de todo by tara [DM] A Prueba de Todo by TARA|X5| fail download, esta dañado el sistema de subida, lo sube muy mal. T..
dd map by memo el brimoo DD Memo El Brimoo Map DD MAP BY Memo el brimoo Photo http://store2.up-00.com/Sep10/HiM89..
dm memo el brimoo 1st map Dm Memo El Brimoo Map Photo http://store2.up-00.com/Sep10/tKH89480.jpg
i look crazy! memoelbrimoo Dm I look Crazy Photo http://store2.up-00.com/Sep10/YDK89480.jpg
[dm] iabo-azooz-1 [DM] iAbo-AZoOZ-1
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (2) [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa (2) Map_2
tara-all_my_maps [DM]Drift Project 4 TARA|X5|: SORRY all, bueno ya puse por una semana el link, si no los..
[dm] speed for hunter v2 by killers [DM] SpeeD FoR HuuNteeR v2 by Mr.Killers|X5| Map DM for MTA RACE :D
[dm] speed for hunter by killers [DM] SpeeD FoR HuuNteeR by Mr.Killers|X5| DM map for MTA RACE :P
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (3) [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa (3)
[dm] klesh.presents.high.styllez.map [DM] Klesh.presents.high.styllez.map Here presents my [DM] Klesh.presents.high.styllez.map. Have Fun..
race-tade Race Tade PT/BR: Mapa Brasileiro... Primeiro Mapa Nosso! UHUL!! IN..
the inferno The Inferno by [GT]BrunoF V 1.1 Race "[DM]The Inferno" By BrunoF If you do not like or want to cont..
race-[dd]alba_training [DD] Alba Training [DD] Alba Training AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]cross_alba [DD] Cross Alba [DD] Cross Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]cross_arena [DD] Arena [DD] Cross Arena AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]cross_ax [DD] Cross AX [DD] Cross AX AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]cross_y_v2 [DD] Cross Y v2 [DD] CrossY v2 AlbatroS aka Alba
race-[dd]dino [DD] Dino [DD] Dino AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]heavymulti [DD] Multi InFeRn0 [DD] Heavy Multi AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]inferno [DD] InFeRn0 Brk. [DD] InFeRn0 AlbatroS aka Alba. (I was create this map for my fri..
race-[dd]subaru [DD] Subaru [DD] Subaru V2 AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dd]tampa_x1 [DM] -InFeRn0 ft. InFeRNaL- Roxbury Night [DD] Tampa X1 AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]biri_kedimi_yedi_by_alba [DM] Biri Kedimi Yedi By Alba [DM] Biri Kedimi yedi by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba. Note:This map h..
race-[dm]deneme_harita_by_alba [DM] Deneme Harita by Alba [DM] Deneme Harita by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]heavenfire_by_alba [DM] HeavenFire by Alba [DM] HeavenFire by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]nrg-500_denemeleri_by_alba [DM] NRG-500 Denemeleri by Alba [DM] NRG-500 Denemeleri by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]otoban_faresi_by_alba [DM] Otoban Faresi by Alba [DM] Otoban Faresi by Alba. AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]ttnet_sana_kafamiz_girsin_by_alba [DM] TTNet Sana Kafamiz Girsin by Alba [DM] TTNet Sana Kafamiz girsin by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-[dm]yatak_ve_yastik_by_alba [DM] Yatak ve yastik by Alba [DM] Yatak ve Yastik by Alba AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dd_alba_ktk [DD] Alba KTK [DD] Alba KTK AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dd-crossiai [DD] Cross IAI [DD] Cross IAI AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-actafool [DM] -Alba- Act a Fool [DM] -Alba-Act A Fool AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-albatros [DM] -Alba- End of Game ! [DM] AlbatroS ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-canttouch [DM] -Alba- Cant Touch It ! [DM] Cant touch it! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-chaos [DM] -Alba Feat Invincible- CHAOS ! [DM] Chaos ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-easymap2 [DM] Easy Map 2 [DM] Easymap 2 AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-haha-deli-map [DM] -Alba- Haha Deli Map [DM] -Alba-Haha Deli map AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-labirent [DM] -Alba- Labirent [DM] -Alba-Labirent AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-pazargezisi [DM] -Alba- Pazar Gezisi [DM] -Alba- Pazar Gezisi AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-roxburynight [DM] -InFeRn0 ft. InFeRNaL- Roxbury Night ! [DM] InFeRn0 ft. InFeRNaL RoxburyNight ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-sandkingroad [DM] -InFeRn0 ft. InFeRNaL- SandkingRoad [DM] InFeRn0 ft. InFeRNaL Sandking Road ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-superbikers [DM] -Alba- Super Bikers [DM] -Alba- Super Bikers AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-trrollercoaster [DM] -Alba- TR.ollercoaster [DM] -Alba- TR.ollercoaster AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-ttnet2 [DM] -Alba- TTNet Sana Kafamiz Girsin 2 [DM] TTNet Sana Kafamiz Girsin V2 AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-dm-yalova [DM] -Alba- Yalova's Nights [DM] -Alba- Yolava's Nights ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-rampatr [TR] Skilled Ramp [TR] Skilled Ramp (Training Map) AlbatroS aka Alba.
race-spiderdd [DD] Cross Spider [DD] Spider DD ! AlbatroS aka Alba.
creatmap(race) [DM]Colgate plax ax mini by PUMA~PRO~(LPG) Map race DM
[dd] toll [DD]Tolll BASS Reflex \LG/ by Puma~Pro~[BLD] Map Race [DM] By Puma~Pro~[BLD] = GustavoBR[BLD]
base superme [DD]Tolll BASS Reflex \LG/ by Puma~Pro~[BLD] Simples base , Praia LS
race-bankrobbers Bank Robbers I did a couple of changes. The original map is here: http://communi..
[dd] iwld-aljazeera (4) [DD] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa (4)
[dm] iabo-azooz-4 [DM]iAbo-AZoOZ-4
[skill] im skilled pro gamer by timic [Skill] Im Skilled Pro Gamer Hi, Not much to say also this is Skilled map (Need Skill before p..
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (5) [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa (5)
[dm]soad-nature [DM]SOAD-Day in Nature http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoYT4ew2Fgc&playnext=1&videos=8QioaU-..
soaddmv2 [DM]SOAD - I love the way you drive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5qEKfh9Lvs
soaddm [DM]SOAD - Batman vs Joker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHb6hho8tL4
[race] ramp magnect [Race] Ramp Magnet 3 by Puma~Pro~[BLD] Race Ramp Magnet By Puma~Pro~[BLD] :D
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (6) [DM] iWLD-ALJaZeeRa (6)
vivaleracev1 [RACE] Viva Le Race - By Kkidd5 v1 This resource adds a race map for ur race server! this is my 1st ..
containerdd [DD] Container DD v1 this adds a dd to your race server. =D
[dm]-fun by martin [DM]-Fun by Martin Do NOT Download this!
[dm]-try to get hunter v3 by martin [DM]-Try To Get Hunter v3 by Martin Race Map [DM] (Y) By Martin
[dm]-try to get hunter by martin [DM]-Try To Get Hunter It's Race map.
[dm]-try to get hunter v2 by martin [DM]-Try To Get Hunter v2 By Martin Its Race Map!
funstructionv1 [DD] FunStruction this is a DD !! Use it =) its funny xD
sprintareav1 [RACE] Sprint Area little race =)
map ito[o]op~ [dd] (1) Map iTo[O]oP~ [DD] (1) .
map ito[o]op~ [dm] (5) Map ~ToOoP~ [DM] (5) My name in MTA : iTo[O]oP~ My Clan in MTA : Ghosts My name Map..
map ito[o]op~ [dm] (6) Map iTo[O]oP~ [DM] (6) My name in MTA : iTo[O]oP~ My Clan in MTA : Ghosts My name Map..
map ito[o]op~ [dm] (7) Map iTo[O]oP~ [DM] (7) My name in MTA : iTo[O]oP~ My Clan in MTA : Ghosts My name Map..
map ito[o]op~ [dm] (8) Map iTo[O]oP~ [DM] (8) My name in MTA : iTo[O]oP~ My Clan in MTA : Ghosts My name Map..
[dm]-visit [DM] Visit Training map
[skill]pseudokekz vs taz - i like turtles [SKILL]pseudokekZ vs TaZ - I like Turtles A Very Hard Race Map by pseudokekz and TaZ I love ~|SPG|~
dd hatay elveda [DD] HATAY ELVEDA Merhaba ben Hatay oyunu birakiyorum oyuzden arkamda bisi birakmak ic..
[skill]pseudokekz vs taz - i like turtles (fixed v [SKILL]pseudokekZ vs TaZ - I like Turtles
[dm] bmx - the top of the world [DM] BmX - The Top Of The World There is BmX THE TOP OF THE WORLD, on this map you have to: -Bun..
[dm] for esports by el-sheriff [DM] for eSports by El-Sheriff El-Sheriff for eSports ILOVE Ghosts ClaN:D
pachanga_ viperino Pachanga_ Viperino Good map. Race
[dm]zetav1 [DM] The last Surviver [DM]Zeta v1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtOyHvtxD34 Downloa..
[dm] zetav2 [DM] Remember the Name [DM]Zeta v2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsRuneF64PY Downloa..
[dm] now your\'e gone by [fotl]cookie [DM] Now You're Gone Now you're gone by [FOTL]COOKIE Enjoy
[dm]cookie ft j_wet - how we play [DM]COOKIE ft J_Wet - How We Play how we play by [FOTL]COOKIE and j_wet ENJOY
[dm]cookie v3 skills of life [DM]COOKIE v3 skills of life Skills of life by [FOTL]COOKIE ENJOY
[dm]night life v2 by [fotl]cookie [DM]Night Life V2 Night Life v2 by [FOTL]COOKIE enjoy
_dm_driftproject4_by_cookie [DM]Drift Project 4 Drift project 4 by [FOTL]COOKIE ENJOY
-dd-night search by cookie [DD] Night Search night search by [FOTL]COOKIE ENJOY
[dm] sheriff [DM] Sheriff aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..
[dm] adrenalina- suprem [DM] Aventura - Suprema Speed by Gustavo
pff que facil by [db]chalo pff que facil by [DB]chalo mapa para noobs es corto y facil hecho por [DB]chalo
[dm] for esports v2 [DM] for eSports v2 by El-Sheriff (no bugs)xD Ghosts good Clan eSports BesT ServeR :D ( No Bugs ) v2 w..
dd natal color fz by gustavo [DD] Natal Color FZ by Gustavo Map Created By Gustavo
[dm] iwld-aljazeera bmx (7) [DM] iWLD-ALJazeera BMX (7)
race-madjumps Mad Rocks My map for race gamemode (DM)
dd procurando nemo [DD]Aquario da morte V1 by Gustavo by Gustavo "Maps Tings'
dm paris hunter [DM]Paris Hunter qsh tings By Gustavo by Gustavo
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (8) [DM] iWLD-ALJazeera (8)
es iwld-aljazeera hunter ES iWLD-ALJazeera Hunter
dm vgn duun [DM]Vgn Duum Salon Fire Red by Gustavo
[fun]v1 [FuN]Sherif v1 [FuN]Sherif v1 By Sherif~
race-[dm]bleidex_v20.0_my_special_b-day_map [DM] Bleidex_v20.0_My_Special_B-Day_Map It's very old speed map, but still good :)(Made in 2008 Autumn)
race-[dd]bleidexddv1.0 [DD] Bleidex DD v1.0 A.K.A. Bleidex v13.0. Old map too ;)
race-[dd]bleidexv16.0crossdddunefight [DD] Bleidex v16.0 Cross DD Dune Fight My v16.0 Old map ;)
race-[dm]bleidexv15.0mpbecomesmi [DM] Bleidex v15.0 MP becomes MI My v15.0 One of my best maps and oldest ;/
race-[dm]blow [DM] BLOW Bleidex ft. LowRyder. Old map, good quality hand made loops - respec..
pachanga_ the vortex Pachanga_ The Vortex Funny race. Sorry, i can not put photos
pachanga_ rc race Pachanga_ Rc Race Rc map, Funny race. Sorry, i can not put photos. Damnit, Windows 7. ..
pachanga_ mortal cp v1 Pachanga_ Mortal CP v1 Hi!!, another funny map, very short but funny, only one cp. Sorry, ..
pachanga_ bonzer Pachanga_ Bonzer Funny/hard map, sorry, i can not put photos. HAVE FUN!
race-loops7dd Loops 7 DD Rate And Comment
race-[dm]mind2bypuma [DM]-- Mind 2 by Puma -- Map Made By Puma Upload By Me |AV|Disturbed Rate And Comment
[dm]rvs-forever [DM]~RvS~for~ever[GrOvEn] Here You Have My Clan Maps!!! Remember to enter to our server: ..
dd by fanor and santa_claus KPR CLAN Новая карта ДД клана KPR-New map DD from KPR clan
the da[r]k[dd] The Dark [DD] DD MAP (rate pls)
[dd]fxf [DM] FXF by {BosS}Mr-O))sCaR DD race map for your next race serve the revolution of Oscar porfa a..
[dm]fallido intento [DM]Fallido Intento by {BosS}Mr-O))sCaR dm race by oscar
dificil pero no imposible Dificil pero no Imposible-By Colo my first map of race :) mi primer mapa de carreras :) FACIL/EASY!
easy map=for newbies=by colo Easy Map-For Newbies-by Colo second map of race BY COLO!
carrera al p+ticlub carrera al p**i-club xD-By Colo 3rd map By ME!
toooo big-by colo LAAAAAARGOOOOOO!!-By Colo four map By Me of race IS VERY BIG XD
[dm] g-unit by yakuza [DM] G-Unit Soldiers by Yakuza DM only if you love speed <3 2min 30 sec app Enjoi.! :D ..
[dd]crash [DD]Crash This is a [DD] map by ShockzZ Screens follow in the next Days
[cross] sex (is) perfect [Cross] Sex (IS) Perfect A [Cross] map by [FOTL]Danny called "Sex (IS) Perfect" have a look a..
race-vipcrossdd ..:V.I.P:.. Cross DD ..:V.I.P:..Cross DD Cross map.
[bos]pacik19 map pack! all my maps [DM] Pacik v73 Kemer City http://www.4shared.com/file/PNzBaldP/BoSPACIK19_Map_Pack_all_my_map...
[dm] crazy map by mby and hby [DM]CrAzY mAp By mBy aNd hBy MAP 4 FUN :)
race-nrgacrobatic NRG Acrobatic NRG Acrobatic MTA race map. 32 spawnpoints, 34 cps. Respawn: 5 se..
[dm]medal of speed [DM]=xD=Tibur - Medal Of Speed Map by =xD= Tibur
[dm]black loop [DM]Black Loop this is my first map that I post but it is a loop map along with sur..
[race]voodoo [Race]Voodoo this map is to race but it's pretty crazy you go to a Checkpoint you..
cross fire dd Cross Fire DD this is a pretty crazy cross it in every corner has a bomb where you..
race-shittymap Final Loop asdasdasd
black loop Black Loop this map is the same as [DM] Black Loop but [DM] has some flaws so I..
mini dm for play by ino.^zerocool dm for play by inO.^ZeroCool I decided to make a mini map dm for mode play xD http://www.youtub..
[dd]rock linghtning map by mby [DD]Multi Linghtning Rock map by mby My second resource I vish u all will like my map Fun map by mby
[dm] chuck v1.0 [DM]Quiet Life - Chuck -------------------------[DM]Chuck v1.0 ---------------------- Loop..
[dd]chuck v1.0 [DD]Chuck v1.0 --------------------[DD]Chuck v1.0---------------------------- Hu..
[dm]chuck v2 - go on hunter!!! [DM]Chuck v2 -----------------[DM]Chuck v2 - Go On Hunter------------------ Lo..
[tdd]large area [TDD]Large area Second map. Author by [SR]mR.EmiN
[dm]map pro by edejar [DM]map pro BY EDEJAR to moja pierwsza mapa
[dd]pro dd [DD]pro DD to jest nowe dd
[dm]motorlu yol by zzzpuk [DM]MotorLu Yol | By ZzzPuk
[dm]easy map by zzzpuk Easy Map | By ZzzPuk
[dm]easy map by zzzpuk 2 ALBA & By ZzzPuk | Easy Map
[dm]easy map by zzzpuk 3 [DM]MotorLu Yol | By ZzzPuk
[dm]uzun yol by zzzpuk Uzun Yol |By ZzzPuk|
[dm]extrem speed v2 [DM]Extrem Speed Map by =xD= Tibur
[dm]tsnh [DM] =xD= Team Super Map Map by =xD= Clan
[dm]easy map 4 by zzzpuk [DM]Easy Map 4 | By ZzzPuk
[dm] iwld-aljazeera (9) [DM] iWLD-ALJazeera (9)
[race] los santos - buffalo [Race] Los Santos - Buffalo Mapka Race do MTA SA. Filmik z trasy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v..
[dm]warcity3 [DM]WaRCity v2 we have to present new [DM]Warcity V2 i decided to make it public so..
[dd]muhtesem arena by zzzpuk |DD| Muhtesem Arena | By ZzzPuk
[dd] cross matm v3 [DD] Cross MatM v3 Witam. Jest to moja mapa Cross DD. W mapie jest podmieniona tekstura..
[dm] matm mix [DM] MatM MIX Witam. Jest to pierwsza czesc map z serii MatM MIX. Jest to oczywisc..
[dm] matm mix 2 [DM] MatM MIX 2 Witam. Jest to druga czesc z serii MatM MIX. W mapie są podmienione..
[dm]by [bos]emilo [DM] By [BoS]Emilo Perfect My first map DM
[dm]bmx and nrg-500 - jokerboy [DM]BmX and NrG-500 - JokerBoy Türkçe Ben Türküm.Bu Bir DM mapıdır.Kendim Hazırladım.Mapta..
[dm]var misin yok musun - jokerboy [DM]Var Misin Yok Musun - JokerBoy Türkçe Ben Türküm.Bu Bir DM mapıdır.Kendim Hazırladım.Bu E..
[dm]cavalry map by zzzpuk [DM]Cavalry Map | By ZzzPuk
[dm]lol - jokerboy [DM]LoL - JokerBoy S.a Beyler.Bu Benim Mapımdır.Bu Mapı Yaparken Hiç Bir Program Ku..
[dm]gecte goruyum - jokerboy [DM]Gecte Goruyum - JokerBoy Geçte Görüyüm La :D
[dm]cavalry map [DM]Cavalry Map | By ZzzPuk
[dm]real life by usb wick [DM]Real Life by |USB|Wick [DM]Real life by |USB|Wick
[dm]where by wick [DM]Where? by |USB|Wick [DM]Where? by |USB|Wick New Big map!!!
[dm]olum yarisi-by zzzpuk [DM]Olum Yarisi-By ZzzPuk
[dm] olum yarisi-by zzzpuk [DM]Olum Yarisi-By ZzzPuk
[dd] holy bumpercars [DD]Holy bumpercars a funny [DD]Map :D enjoy it :D
atalho para aeroporto Atomic Race -Um atalho novo para o aeroporto De SF: links de imagens -A new sho..
nascar - martinsville speedway Martinsville Speedway NASCAR - Martinsville Speedway (real 1:1 scale NASCAR track) Opened..
nascar - daytona international speedway Daytona International Speedway NASCAR - Daytona International Speedway (real 1:1 scale NASCAR track..
hotring - doherty speedway Daytona International Speedway HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Doherty Speedway This ma..
hotring - blackfield Daytona International Speedway HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Blackfield Speedbowl Thi..
hotring - fort carson Daytona International Speedway HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Fort Carson Triangle Spee..
hotring - lsx Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour LSX Raceway This map hav..
hotring - palomino creek Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Palomino Creek Regional R..
nascar - richmond international raceway Hotring NASCAR - Richmond International Raceway (real 1:1 scale NASCAR track..
hotring - blackfield stadium Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Las Venturas Blackfield S..
hotring - street series ls gp Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Street Series Los Santos ..
hotring - street series sf gp Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Street Series San Fierro ..
land jump dd Land Jump DD this map was made by NickDc maybe there will be a new version
[dm]serialkiller - run run or kill ! [DM]Serialkiller - Run Run or kill ! Map by Serialkiller
[dd]trd map - style dd [DD]TRD Map - Style DD Map by [TRD]Clan
[dd]serialkiller - the end [DM]Serialkiller - The End Map by Serialkiller
[dd]serialkiller - pro [DD]Serialkiller - Pro Map by Serialkiller
[dm]serialkiller - the time [DM]Serialkiller - The time Map by Serialkiller
race-dm-trampalet.v1.edilee [DM]TramPaLeT v1 By |~EdiLee~| TramPaLet V1 By EdiLee
hunterlee-v1-edilee- [DM] HunterLee v1 By |~EdiLee~| HunterLee By EdiLee
katrak-matrak-by-edilee- KatraK MatraK By |~EdiLee~|
ekmek-arasi-mta-edilee [DM] EKMEK ARASI MTA :) By |~EdiLee~| EkmeK aRası Mta :D By EdiLee
cehennem kusu by edilee [DM] Cehennem Kusu by |~EdiLee~| CehenneM KuŞu By EdiLee
uzun-ince-bir-yol-by-edilee- UzuN InCe BiR YoL By |~EdiLee~| UzuN ince Bir yoL By EdiLee
yalan-dunya-by-edilee- YaLaN DunYa By |~EdiLee~| YaLan DünYa By EdiLee
edilee-map Kim KaparSa :) By |~EdiLee~| Kim KaParSa By EdiLee
cyber-warrior-by-edilee- DENEME3 Cyber Warrior |CW| By EdiLee
31+52=mtabyedilee 31+52 = MTA :) By |~EdiLee~| 31-52=MTA :) By EdiLee Zngli67@msn.com
[race]drag_1 Drag_1 Drag race 1
[race]drag_2 Drag_2 Drag race 2
[race]drag_3 Drag_3 Drag race 3
[race]drag_4 Drag_4 Drag race 4
trampalet-v2-by-edilee- TramPaLet v2 By |~EdiLee~| TramPaLet V2 By EdiLee Map Süper Acayip Birşey HerKeze Tavsiye..
race-fastnrg500 Fast NRG-500 (by ScAre) My first map in MTA. 25 checkpoints 32 spawnpoits 1 surprise ..
[dm]pro accion by forch!le [DM]Pro Accion by FoRCh!le dasfaf
[ddc]by-dix-and-hovr Extreme=By-Dix-and-Hovr New Dm DDC map by Dix and Hovr Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v..
[dm]aqyu hay de todo [DM]Aqui Hay de todo- PORNO- XXX ESTE ESCENARIO ESTA ECHO POR ELSRLOQUENDO mejor conocido en youtube ..
[dm]faster- easy map 3 by lo0qebot0 [DM]Faster- Easy Map 3 By lo0qebot0
[dm]full speed - easy map 4 by lo0qebot0 [DM]Full Speed - Easy Map 4 By lo0qebot00
[twd]superspedy SUPERHEARDByKelvin TWD Clan este fue un mapa echo por mi KElvin742 para el clan TWD Ese..
[dm]infinity [DM]Infinity Jumps By |RG|Daan Adn |RG|LG V2 In Version 2 Add Music Roads Adn Jumps :) Pro Map By LG And..
[dm]carreteras locas by xxircixx [DM]Carreteras Locas Race DM Add Moviments By |RG|xXIRCIXx And |XF|FoRCh!le V2 Repair ..
[dm] power on [DM] PoWeR On
kaddafi Kaddafi Kaddafi. Race on Barracks, not for the speed - for passage ) Кад..
[dm[la bici de la muerte -the bycle of dead [DM] New- La Bici de la Muerte - Dead or bycle Un gran escenario donde casi todo se usa bici
race-sivas-eazy001 [DM] -Sivas- Eazy Game 001 My New Map! Its Rly Nice Plz Upload it To your Server
imca hobby stock Hotring IMCA Dirt oval
speedway Hotring "Speedway" track from old 1995 game "Destruction Derby"
race- hydrarace (ls to sf) Hydra race (LS to SF) Hydra race LS to SF.
race-bikerace Bike race race-bikerace.
race-deliverjob Deliver job race-deliveryjob
race-grazy race Grazy race race-Grazyrace
race-omg race OMG race race-omgrace
race-phoenix Phoexix race race-phoenix
race-rcbandit RC Bandit Race race-RCbandit
race-xd race XD race race-XDrace
race-megarace Los Santos Mega race race-megarace
race-ls mega race 2 Los Santos Mega race 2 race-LS Mega race 2
[dd]live or not [DM]Live or not? by Zero012 SORRY FOR THE SPAMM !!!!!!!! Don't download this version it have ..
[dd]moon_boom [DM]Moon_Boom My first map :D Map for race "[DD]Moon_Boom" Have fun with the map..
[dd]moon_boom by zero012 [DM]Moon_Boom SORRY FOR THE SPAMM !!!!!!!! Don't download this version it have ..
race-lsmegarace3 Los Santos Mega race 3 race-LSMegarace 3
race-ls mega race 4 LS Mega Race 4 race-LS Mega race 4
[race]drag_5 Drag_5 Drag race 5
[race]drag_6 Drag_6 Drag race 6
[race]drag_7 Drag_7 Drag race 7
[race]drag_8 Drag_8 Drag race 8
[race]drag_9 Drag_9 Drag race 9
race-ls mega race 5 LS Mega race 5 race-LS Mega race 5
race-infernuscontroleasy Infernus Control Easy race-infernus control easy
race-ls mega race 6 Los Santos Mega race 6 race-Los Santos mega race 6
dificil con experiencia DIFICIL CON EXPERIENCIA Dificil con Experiencia es un Mapa que biene acompañado de muchos ..
race-superrace To moja pierwsza mapa race
race-bigrace mapa race
hotring- bone county Hotring HOTRING Racing of San Andreas Series Tour Bone County Motor Speedwa..
race-finaldestination2 Final Destination by ST3REO Final Destination 2 (funny map)
race-lsmegarace SF mega race -
race-mortalkombat v1 MortalKombat V1 by ST3REO Mortal Kombat v1
race-sfmegarace4 SF mega race 4 -
race-sfmegarace6 SF mega race 6 -
[dm]martin-rammstein [DM]Martin-Rammstein First Rammstein map with little music. Nice map :) Report any bugs u..
[dm]martin-rammsteinii [DM]Martin-Rammstein II Second Rammstein map. Enjoy!
[dm]martin-rammstein3 [DM]Martin-Rammstein III 3rd Rammstein map!
[dm]martin-rammstein4 [DM]Martin-Rammstein IV 4th Rammstein map. Enjoy!
[dm]martin-rammstein5 [DM]Martin-Rammstein V 5th Rammstein map. Enjoy!
[dm]martin-rammstein6 [DM]Martin-Rammstein VI 6th Rammstein map. Enjoy! Video of this map ===> http://www.yout..
race-longrace LoNgRacE Mapka race
no name [DD] FreeStyle no name
street vol 5 by edos Street |-.::Vol 5::.-| By EDOS Super_pro_map_By_EDOS
rmap-dd-multi-edited-map3 [DD] Multi edited map 3 Race DD map, made with my friends, see mappers in meta.xml Want m..
cod2mod-thebigwar-by-sgt.castillo [DM]L~Yosse~.PRO.~ ft PAwlo - We Love To Entertain You V2. COD2MOD By bmat For IT! Author : [C2M:R]Sgt.Castillo
race-subeybaja |DR| Sube Y Baja::. by (O.o)Ex Un mapa comun Y silvestre.......... hunter al final (sin respawn) (s..
race-vivesipuedes |DR| Vive Si Puedes!!!!! by (O.o)Ex Un mapa corto pero bueno otro sin poing sin lagger un atajo...........
[race]szmacisz się! [DD] Chuj wie
[race]lubie placki by badyl v2 [Race] Lubie Placki by Badyl v2
race-[dm]skyline_skilled_infernus [DM] SkyLiNe's Skilled Infernus
[dm] wld-aljazeera v1 [DM] WLD-Aljazeera v1 [DM] WLD-Aljazeera v1
[dm]egyption skills - yosse ft. -xiii-pawlo [DM]I Hate When The Dead - Yosse ft. -XIII-PAwlo Made By Me My Map Feat. PAwlo My Nick L~Yosse~.PRO.~
[dm yosse v2.5 [DM]D-DeVi[L] + SERVER = Danger - Yosse V2.5 Made By Me Scripter + Mapper ! L~Yosse~.PRO.~ Enjoy Have Fun!
[dm]easy map 1 - yosse ft. sealine v2.6 [DM] Travel The World ON 80 Days Easy Map made By ME! Enjoy + have Fun + No We Muslim (
[dm]yosse v2.6 special edition [DM]D-DeVi[L] + SERVER = Danger - Yosse V2.5 SpeciaL Edition For Servers! Enjoy It's Not Hard
[dm]easy map 2 [DM]EasY Map 2 I Will Upload New Script It's My map :D
[dm] wld-aljazeera mini looops v2 [DM] WLD-Aljazeera Mini LoOoPs v2 [DM] WLD-Aljazeera Mini LoOoPs v2
[dd]sabre v.s buffalo 2 [DD]Sabre V.S Buffalo Buffalo VS Sabre Who Was Win It's DD
race-gta sa Race-GTA SA Es Un Mapa Del GTA San Andreas Misiones
[dm] -sivas- exclusive paradise [DM] -Sivas- Exclusive Paradise My best map, i ever maked. Please upload to your server...
[dm]by evo [DM] by Evo My 1st DM map map desiged by Evo//Stryker
[dm]akon - smack that ft eminem [DM] Akon - Smack That Made By Akon Send To Me By Him His Message Dear, Bro I..
buscando el hunter en san fierro por [f.a.r.c][mod buscando el hunter en san fierro por [F.A.R.C][Mod]jason15 NO FUNCIONA!!!!!!
race-[dm]fatalftblanco [DM] FatalTerror Ft. Blanco - V1
[dm]ifor - platium [DM]iFoR - Platium CREADO por iFoR
[dm]ifor - for ever [DM]iFoR - For Ever creado por iFoR
[dm]speed city by fa[st] [DM]Speed City by Fa[ST] (Made in Turkey) Teşekkürler
[dm]time of caos by fast [DM]Time of The Caos 1 by Fa[ST]
[dm]cehennemde yarıs by fast [DM]Racers Of The HELL!!!
[dm]ucan ınfernus by fast [DM] UCAN INFERNUS by Fa[ST]
copcular kralı by fast [DM]Scavenger King by Fa[ST]
[dm]askaban hapishanesinden kacıs by fast Askaban Hapishanesinden Kacis by Fa[ST]
[dm]infinity - by - yosse [DM]Infinity - By - YOsse When I Test It In Map Editor Say ;D error in map editor_test ..
[dm]super loop - by - yosse [DM]Infinity - By - YOsse Make By Me Sorry It's [DM]Infinity - By - YOsse But Fixed
[dm]_by_rus_sanya [DM]_Clan_~[XT]~_2 GoooD
[dm]_by_rus_sanya_2 [DM]_Clan_~[XT]~ Pro
race_100500v3 [DM] +100500 v3 by Skotinka DM Map By Skotinka|WTF| Server WTF
on land & in water On Land & In Water It's my first map for Race. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J..
stunts galore stunts galore here is a map im working on i would finish it but i cant for some re..
[dm]-[-get the hunter or d.i.e-]by d-devi[l] [DM]-[-Get The Hunter Or D.I.E-]By D-DeVi[L] Mini Hard Map,I know its not soo good map but i'll make better other..
[dm]_by_rus_sanya_new map 30.04.11 [DM]_Clan_~[XT]~_3 Качаем Все - Download all
los santos race Los santos race by [F.A.R.C][Mod]jason15 dm
[dm]drago - yosse - ramboo man [DM]YOsse - Drago - TARA|X5| - Ramboo Man Drago's A Player From eXo| Called #FF0000Dra#00FF00go He Always S..
[dm]yosse - the end [DM]YOsse - The End Made By Me Special B-Day
[dm]_clan_~[xt]~_4_by_rus_sanya [DM]_Clan_~[XT]~_4 Good map Народ клёвая мапа качаем делал я!
whothefirstgethunter dd WhoTheFirstGetHunter My First Race Map.. Hope U like It ... (Updated)
[race]drag_10 Drag_10 Drag race
[dm] ksuha price call ft [DM] Gaz Price Sistem ft. Speed by Gustavo
[dm] cain speed. love ft impossible by gustavo [DM] Britanic ft love sealine speed by Gustavo
race-wallridethis [DM]Wallride THIS This is [DM]Wallride THIS race map made by me.it is basicly made of ..
race-st3reprojectv8supermarioportal St3reo Project v8 Super Mario Portal St3reo Project v8 Super Mario Portal http://www.youtube.com/watch..
[dm]cavalry map v3 by zzzpuk [DM]Cavalry Map V3 By ZzzPuk
race-miprimermap [DD]mi primer map XD by >>>bobby<<< ---------------------------------------------- Ese map nesesita que..
[dd]zonguldak [DD]Zonguldak!
[dd]koruyucu and skywolker [DD]Koruyucu And Skywolker
power of mind Power Of Mind Power Of Mind made by FreeStyle Rate if you like Visit fotl-clan..
dm-sudan-cikis [DM]Sudan Cikis
[dm]go_break_it [DM]Go_Break_It_UPDATED By : (RED)[*STARS*]Jason New Features.... UPDATED BY : (RED)[*STARS*]Jason ( Jason_ )
[dm]good map v2 [DM]Good Map V2 Map DM Created by TheJoker
minieasy 2 [DM]Mini Easy 2 Created by My = LG
[dm]minieasy [DM]MiniEasy Created by my = LG
[dm]new generation [DM]New Generation DM Pam Created by my = LG
[dd]policja by handzix [DD]Policja by Handzix Zapraszam do pobrania Handzix :)
[dd]policja 2 by handzix [DD]Policja 2 by Handzix A to moja mapa zapraszam do pobrania :)
dra rhino by handzix DrA Rhino by Handzix A to moja mapa Zapraszam do pobrania
[dm]yosse - innvation gaming [DM]YOsse - Innovation Gaming* My Map To [ADD][IG]..::Redbull::..[ONLY DM] Have Fun I Make It Ea..
[dm]infernus driver 1 [DM] Pejot - Infernus Driver Loops ft. Gustavo MY MAP DM RACE. COMMENT. PLZ
michupl (DD).Crosik C-J by michuPL A
nowy typ rozrywki do race (DsD)-One Map new DsD by michuPL Połączone z DD/DM i race.Dorobie coś takiego..By michuPL
mapa race dm by michupl RaceMapArkus by michuPL Super mapa ale uwaga potrafi zaskoczyć.Strasznie krótka ale żeby ..
[dm]-[-don\'t give up bitch!-]-by d-devi[l] [DM]-[-Don't Give Up Bitch!-]-By D-DeVi[L] Sorry Don't Download This map Because Have a Bugs Here is the other ..
[dm]-[-don\'t give up bitch!-]-by d-devi[l]-[fixed [DM]-[-Don't Give Up Bitch!-]-By D-DeVi[L] Here is my new map,This map is Hard and Big: Map name:[DM]-[-Don'..
[dd]cross zonguldak xs by_darkleaf [DD]Zonguldak XS V1 [ By_DaRkLeaF ] Merhaba Arkadaslar Gecen Aklıma Süper Bi DD Harita Fikri Geldi Ve ..
[dd]cross kim sansli ogrenelim by_darkleaf [DD]Kim Sansli Ogrenelim By_DaRkleaF Oyuncuların Bazıları Dumper Olarak Dogar Eger Cheetah Alan Kisile..
[dm]hunter_s320_by_darkleaf [DM]Hunter_L3X_DaRkLeaF Gecen Sıkıldım Ve Bu Mapi Yaptim İnsallah Beğenirsiniz İyi Egl..
race by handzix [Race/DM] Fajne Race by Handzix Zapraszam do pobrania tego race NO BUGS
[race] wyscig bikes by handzix [Race\DM]Wyscig Rowerowy by Handzix Zapraszam do pobrania bardzo fajna mapa Oto link do mapy bez Buga..
dd-michupl_dd DD-michuPL>DD Super mapka DD.Zabawa na całego. michuPL
[dm]eglencenin dorugu by fa[st] [DM]Eglencenin Dorugu by Fa[ST]
dm-jazz swing karamatras by michupl DM-Jazz swing karamatras..by michuPL Mapa jak mapa ALe mapa zajebista!!... michuPL
race_epic_fail_skotinka [DM] Epic Fail By Skotinka|WTF| My maps xD Welcome server WTF
buscando el hunter en san fierro por [f.a.r.c][mod buscando el hunter en san fierro por [F.A.R.C][Mod]jason15 NO FUNCIONA!!!!!!
(dd)cross pod wzgledem ferdka by michupl By michuPL Super mapa.Sory ale ma błąd i nazwa piszę by michupl.Jak ktoś ch..
(dd)-dzikie kurczaki by michupl (DD).Dzikie Kurczaki by michuPL Super mapa DD.Dobra by grać z respawnem ale ustawiłem bez respawnu..
(dm)safari and karaib by michupl (DM)-Safari and karaib by michuPL Zajebiste szukanie huntera
[dm]racing time by eternal [DM]Racing Time by EternaL Merhaba...! Benim RACİNG TİME adında yaptığım bir map.Map kıs..
[dm]hoptek hoptek by fast and eternal [DM]Hoptek Hoptek by FasT and EternaL
(dd)-cross 42 (DD)-Cross 42 Super kontynuacja Crossa! Polecam
[dm]yosse - boom boom 2011 edition [DM]YOsse - Boom Boom 2011 Special Edition My Map! Im New Now :D With A Super Big Loops
[dd]wather-launcher-bycasino [DD]Wather Launcher - ByCasino Yeni nesil harita :) İndir Bak Nasıl Diye :)
[dm]cok-ortantik-gezi-xd-bycasino [DM]Cok Ormantik Bir Gezi xD ByCasino Kral Bi DM :) İndirmeden Gecme :)
[dd]naturel-by-casino [DD]Natural ByCasino Doğayı Anımsatan Bir DD İndir Tavsiyem :) ByCasino...
[dm]facebook-ortam-casino [dm]facebook-ortam-casino Facebook'a Benzemez Fazla Ama Anımsatır.. Renkli Bi Map Oynamay..
[dm]clasico-map-bycasino [DM]Clasic'o Map ByCasino Klasik Bi Map Ama Cok Eğlenceli :) ByCasino...
[dm]drift-project-new-v2-bycasino [DM]Drift Project v2 New ByCasino Drift Project Yeni ByCasino Sunar...
[dd]survivor-turkiye-bycasino [DD]Survivor Turkiye ByCasino Survivor Turkiye'ye Benzememis Ama Anımsatıyor :) Buyur İndir...
[dd]destruction-derby-bycasino [DD]Destruction Derby - ByCasino [DD]~>Destruction Derby Asıl Bu Map .. Derbişimmm :D By Casino ..
[dd]cross-colors-bycasino [DD]Cross Colors ByCasino Renkli Bir DD Haritasi.. ByCasino...
[dd]ates-ve-su-bycasino [DD]Ates[&]Su-ByCasino Ates Ve Su :) Daha Ne Diyim.. ByCasino...
[dm]casino-and-depresif [DM]CASINO-AND-DEPRESIF Bu haritada sıkılmıycaksınız.. ByCasino...
[dd]cross-28-v2-bycasino [DD]Cross 28 v2 ByCasino Cross 28 v2 Modif ByCasino...
[dm]mini hard 7 by serious [DM]Mini Hard 7 by SeriouS Do not load. Click on the link: http://community.multitheftauto.com/..
[dm]~r@c3~go-g0-go~ Map Created BY : Lexus911~Jason~ Map Name : [DM]~R@C3~GO-G0-GO~
[fun]rocket_shooting [FUN]Rocket Shooting This is my map: [FUN]Rocket_Shooting I hope you like it :D pls..
[dm]puma~fun [DM]Puma~Loop~Fun Map Name : [DM]Puma~Loop~Fun
[dm] yeah - l0b0 [DM] Yeah - Maik 1.0.5
[dm]puma~fun_update [DM]Puma~Loop~Fun Updated! Thanks For Downloading!
race-[dd]prohuntersbywelser [DD] PRO Hunters By ~|LA|~Welser mi primer mapa DD PRO Hunters un mapa de guerra de hunters estaba la..
race-dm [DM]Easy map by Lukasz
[dm]osnet v1 - fantasy world [DM]Osnet v1 - Fantasy World A [DM] Map Created By Osnet, Called "[DM]Osnet v1 - Fantasy World." ..
[dm]imnoob ft otzi - owned shout [DM]ImNoob.Ft.Otzi.-.Owned.ShOut! A Map Created By ImNoob And Otzi, Map Called For: "[DM]ImNoob Ft Otz..
[dm]imnoob v3 0 - ov3rskills [DM]ImNoob v3.0 - Ov3rSkillS A Map Created By ImNoob, Map Called For: "[DM]ImNoob v3 0 - Ov3rSkil..
[dm] frenchstiilezzbyimnoob [DM] FrenchStiileZz.by.ImNoob=- A [DM] Map Created By: ImNoob, Called For "[DM] FrenchStiileZzbyImNo..
[dm] imnoob v4 - isnowasblackstar [DM] ImNoob v4 - Is.Now.As.BlackStar A [DM] Map Created By: ImNoob, Called For: "[DM] ImNoob v4 - IsNowAs..
race-fallanddie2 Fall and Die 2 Fall and Die 2. It's a new (working with mta:sa 1.0+) version of ..
[dm]yosse - give your best [DM]YOsse - Give Your Best A Loopers Only Can Complete
[dm]yosse ft darken - 2012 mapping [DM]YOsse ft. Darken - 2012 Mapping Hi That's Was The Best 100th Map You'll Play
[dm] yosse - boom boom v1 [DM] YOsse - Boom Boom V1 A Map Handmade is good
[new][dm]matrix ft deadangel - homies [NEW][DM]MaTrix Ft. DeAdAnGeL - Homies! A [DM] Map Created By: MaTrix & DeAdAnGeL. Map Called For "[NEW][DM]..
[dm]bloodz project v1 [DM]BloodZ Project Here is Map While Testing: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?..
[dm]_~[xt]~_clan_6 [DM]_~[XT]~_Clan_6 Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool..
[dm]sonsuza dek ask by serious [DM]Sonsuza Dek Ask by SeriouS Do not load. Click on the link: http://community.multitheftauto.co..
race-[dm]fatalterrorrollercoaster1 [DM] FatalTerror - Roller Coaster 1 Nice map ;P
race-[dm]fatalterrorapocalypse [DM] FatalTerror - Apocalypse Nice map .. Test it ;) Map Name: [DM] FatalTerror - Apocalype ..
[dm]apachi dansi by serious [DM]Apachi Dansi by SeriouS Not download..!!! Click on the link below: http://community.mtas..
[dm]hoptek hoptek by fast and serious [DM]Hoptek Hoptek by FasT and SeriouS
[dm]bas gaza - fast and serious - [DM]Bas Gaza - FaST and SeriouS
[dm]budya-ft-saymen-inception2 [DM]BuDyA ft Saymen - Inception 2 [DM] Budya ft. Saymen - Inception 2 Have fun, uploaded my N-I-C-O
[dm]mixer ft. seathestar [DM]Mixer Ft. SeathestaR [DM]Mixer
[dd]budya\'s miami night beach [DD]BuDyA's Miami Night Beach My map, enjoy.
[dm]budya\'s-colorexplosion [DM]BuDyA's Color Explosion My map, enjoy.
[dm]budyas-winter\'sback [DM]BuDyA's Winter Is Back My map, enjoy.
race-[dd]budya\'s burnout! [DD]BuDyA's Burnout! My map, enjoy.
[dm]budyas-wtf [DM]BuDyA's WTF!?!? My map, enjoy!
race-[dm]budya-ft-tete-clapy-ride [DM] BuDyA ft Tete - Clapy Ride My map, enjoy!
[dm]budya-paradise [DM]Diablo feat. BuDyA - Paradise My map, enjoy!
[hby] [dm]try or die v3 [HBY] (DM) TRY oR Di3 v3 DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
[hbytheonly] (dm)try or di3 v3 [HBYtheONLY] (DM) TRY oR Di3 v3 Vehicle weapon on!.....download latest version now!!..:D
aman123t Bloodring
[dd]wankenstein-2-bycasino [DD]Wankenstein-2 ByCASINO Wankenstein New 2011-2012 ByCasino..
[dd]wankenstein-bycasino [DD]Wankenstein ByCASINO Wankenstein 2011-2012 New . ByCasino...
[dd]cross-komando-pro-bycasino [DD] Cross Komando Pro ByCasino Cross KOMANDO v2. [DD]CROSS KOMANDO PRO BYCASINO...
race-[dm]1+2+3+4-v2 [DM] 1+2+3+4 V2 by TARA|X5| This Is Tara|X5 Best Map And I Found It very Hardly Then I Think I S..
dm-hunter2 [DM] Easy hunter 2 - go Fastest as you can! My third map... :D Its shity map :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=..
dm-hunter [DM] Easy hunter
hunter3 [DM] Easy hunter 3 Nothing to say about it.
[dm]apachi dansi by chaser [DM]Apachi Dansi by ChaseR Türkçe Bnm Eski Nickim Serious.Nickimi Değiştirdim ChaseR yapt..
[dm]bas gaza - fast and chaser [DM]Bas Gaza - FaST and ChaseR English Serious Step in my old. I changed my name I did Chaser. Map..
[dm]racing time by chaser [DM]Racing Time by ChaseR
[dm]sonsuza dek ask by chaser [DM]Sonsuza Dek Ask by ChaseR
[dm]hoptek hoptek by fast and chaser [DM]Hoptek Hoptek by FasT and ChaseR
[dm]mini hard 7 by chaser [DM]Mini Hard 7 by ChaseR
race-[dm]blanco(3) [DM] Blanco - V3 [dm]blanco(3)This is my first map, hope you like it))
race-[dm]fatalterrormagic [DM] FatalTerror - Magic 1
[dm]hendroox-first map [DM]HendRoox-First map My First Map. Hard...
[dm]_clan_~[xt]~_7_final ! [DM]_~[XT]~_Clan_7