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Scripting GUI has never been easier before!

This resource isn't really resource. There are files that should make your GUI scripting task as easy as possible. Even if you can script GUI, you should take a look and see how simple it is to make your own Log In windows or GridLists (which may be pain in the ass with more data).

I was mainly aiming at people who don't understand how scripting GUI works or have difficulties with scripting it. This is Object-Oriented-Programming so you probably know that it keeps your code clean and simple!

If you're a beginner and don't know how to make simple GUI then this is for you! You won't have problems with scripting GUI any more!

There are also useful functions/features that MTA is missing. For instance if you create a Button which isn't a child of any other GUI then you have a possibility to "click'n'drag" it, by simply adding one line to your script!

Currently, I'm working on documentation of all the functions (methods) that are available. Although, there are a few examples of how to script with those classes. I know you would like to know all the functions, you can ask in the official topic on the MTA forums here:
Link to WIP documentation:

How to use it in your resources? Just copy "/classes" directory into your resource and copy a few lines from my meta.xml into yours.

NOTE: This was being developed on nightly builds but should work with DP2.x clients too. If it doesn't, TELL ME!


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