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This is an example of how to create pedestrians and how to make them walk/follow you. I made a video of how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSI4sgihFwU

Feel free to modify, copy, do whatever you want with the code but mention me in credits.

Available commands:
/ped <id>
- creates a ped with specific ID that will follow you (if you have ped(s) already it will add it to the group)

/peds <amount>
- creates <amount> of players that will follow you (if you have ped(s) already these will be added to the group)

/giveweapon <weaponid>
- gives weapon to all peds that belong to you (they can not shoot yet)

/headless [headstate]
- sets their heads state, when you type "/headless" they will lose their heads, when you type "/headless false" they will have their heads back

- shows or hides peds' healthbar

- destroys all your peds in case if you have made too many of them

NOTE: These pedestrians do NOT walk on sidewalks and drive vehicles they just go after you! That's because it's an example of how it works.


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1.2.0 2009-01-11 00:39:07 Fixed bugs posted in comments. Thanks for reports! Download
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