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Ingame facebook browser inside a smartphone (open with 'F5' key) NOT COMPILED (so you can edit)

- Open facebook in MTA server with F5, chat with your friends (it allows messenger in-site) and simply conveniently use FB instead of alt tab.

- Resize the window and move it around (hold click, and hold + press left CTRL to make it smaller; see second picture for example)

- Not annoying 'allow domains' on joining server, but ONLY when starting to use the Facebook phone! hit F5 first and then it asks to whitelist.

- It will display all content and images on Facebook, because it will add missing domains ON THE GO! It will detect non whitelisted source (facebook CDN domain where it saves profile pics etcetera) and prompt player to whitelist on demand. (This happens max 3 times and then you can use FB unlimited without that..)

I know of another Facebook resource made by TD[M]ER/Hani-Rouatbi and this one is much better and all code is different, this from scratch. better because my Facebook script can load everything like images (his cannot) as the Facebook CDNs depend on country he can never account for them,

Mine also;
- very efficient code, no broken features like his 'fb' resource
- good working for all resolutions of screen
- you can drag the phone Fb
- No security concerns, Hani's FB is compiled, this not; you can read code of this one and not feel unsafe when logging in or anything to Facebook.
- make smaller FB GUI phone as described in main description above


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