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ANTI-MOD PRO by KekZ|#Zayn

- Prevent moddified vehicles in server for destruction derby mode.
- Prevent cheaters to use modified files in server.
- Network stats monitoring for ping, fps and most useful option i.e. packets loss
- Shows player modified gta sa files.
- Option to check players gameplay using screenshot utility.
- Easy to look on every player binds on server.
- Check all players vehicle handling.
- Every vehicle handling is being monitored.
- Anyone can look in what acl group is of other players.
- Have a sight on players GPU.
- Anti-Cheat components detection even AC# disabled on server.
- More suspicious cheats detections even SD# disabled on server.
- Detects trainers, dll injectors, Lag switch programs, custom gta_sa.exe etc.
- A alert is shown if any admin abuse rights and use freeze or anything which got negative impact on gameplay.

/amp - To toggle AMP panel.
/showping - To see players ping, msg is shown on chatbox for high ping.
/hideping - To remove high ping alerts on chatbox.
/pinglimit - To check ping limit for monitoring in server.
/showfps - To see players fps, msg is shown on chatbox for low fps.
/hidefps - To remove low fps alerts on chatbox.
/fpslimit - To check fps limit for monitoring in server.
/showpacket - To see players packet loss, msg is shown on chatbox for high packet loss.
/hidepacket - To remove high packet loss alerts on chatbox.
/packetlimit - To check packets loss limit for monitoring in server.
/handling (nick) - To check player vehicle handling on a running map.

Note: Admins can change ping/fps/packet settings in the Admin panel

Default Key:
O - To open AMP panel.

You can change the key in script c_util.lua.

- Resource needs admin rights so don't forget to add resouce.AMP in admin group.
- Resource settings can be modified by admins.
- Resource monitor players every 0.5 second.
- Resource is beneficial for checking MODS, Handling, Binds, LAG and so much more.

- This script was made only for destruction derby clanwars purpose to make it fair and blow cover of cheaters. It was made 2 years ago and just making it public on request of some DD community players.
- Their will be no longer updates or upgrade versions on this script as it was a one time project only so don't ask for newer versions.
- Comments from non-DD community players on this script and questions on it will not be appreciated. You can use it on whatever gamemode you want, it will be up to you. Yet main and major role of this script just belongs to Destruction Derby (DD).

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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.0.1 2020-06-08 16:28:49 Minor Update! Download
1.0.0 2020-05-21 12:42:34 First public release Download