rsstk saw ii mission - jigsaw's last test

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Saw II mission (Jigsaw's final test)

Here is a video to see how to finnish the test:


The script contains:
-Map icon
-teleport inside the mission
-Saw map
-saw doll & dogg skins
-saw quotes in mp3

How to complete the test?
This is mission is very difficult.
You start in a burning hallway, the gates in front of you will destroy themself once the timers are done timing down.
take down the fire, beat the dogs, watch out for barrels with rocks above them, fight jigsaw dolls with chainsaws
Then you enter the next side, a room full with plants with a sniper bot hidden in it, you need to find your way out of that area.
Once you are out of that area, you are again around plants, but walking around trigger explosions around you. in this part you have to find the path to the next area, i'll give a clue, the map have a few invincible walls, invincible from one side.. watch the corners when you cant find your way.
after this you enter a hallway with fire and a bot, once the gate at the end of this hallway is gone, you enter a marker that brings you to the upper floor
You will spawn in the middle of 15 bots who all have to fight you and eachother, if you survive this you need to pass a narrow path with more barrels and rocks and bots, after that you have to go trough another hall with another marker that takes you to the last part of this test
I call it the "teleport room"
The room is divided in a lot of square areas, each area have an orange and black marker in it, every marker you take will take 1 HP from your HP, some markers will burn you, others spawn bots, and so on, bots will follow you in the markers.
You need to remember the "orange black" codes to find out wich code doesn't teleport you to where you already teleported in.

When i had my server, this mission was very popular, not many people finnished it. but it is possible, with a lot of patient


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