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Treasure hunting

This script is something that could keep players on your server for longer time
Press F6 to open the panel/treasure map
You'll see that the map is devided in different formats/colors,
and on the side is a legend that tells the players wich object to search for in wich "zone"
After a player found an object, it takes 60 seconds before the object gets spawned in a new location.
Each zone has 80+ or a lot more different locations where the object could pop up depending on how big the zone is
Objects to find + rewards:

Vice city game box - 500K
Chinese vase - 3500K
Golden dragon head - 500K
Porno dvd's - 500K
Toilet - 1500K
Space monkey arcade game - 500K

The chances that a player find an object is not that high, i advice that you keep the rewards high enough, afterall it is a hard job to find a small object when u have no clue where you'll find it.
I picked the locations good or hard enough.
A high reward keeps a player motivated to find it

When a player finds something, there will be a chat message saying that a player earned ****K by finding the X item.

Check out some of my other scripts that i already have or haven't shared yet here, let me know wich you'd like to have available

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