rssDisable swingingchassis (swingingchassis-off)

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== THIS RESOURCE WILL ONLY WORK WHEN https://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=6529 IS FIXED. JUST FOR FUTURE USE/RECORD == (as it's not easy to develop this)

This script would turn off swinging chassis flag for ALL vehicles, without tampering with other Handling/Model flag values. That is because I found a way to only affect this flag, which would be:
the fact SWINGING_CHASSIS = 0x10000000 which means its register is the leading digit, the highest possible amongst all other handling/model special flags, so by just trimming the leading digit turns the flag off.

Research shows the total offset length can also be 8 digits, in that case this script accounts for it by trimming '10' off the offset.

The above information may be confusing and not needed if you will just use the script when the MTA bug for swingingchassis is fixed, but it's just to show how I reliably made it 100% only disable the swingingchassis for all vehicles universally without affecting other flags. (something depending on special flag value composition for each unique vehicle)...


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