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==use with /manual > enter a car==

This is a refactored/improved version of bartekPL's manual gearbox, it now features:

- RPM bar and shift-up indicator (to prevent stalls due to late shifting
- Reduced occurance of stalls/acceleration failure, made gears easier to control and learn to shift properly.

- Changed mechanism, you can use release-gas as sort of clutch,
how to drive off and shift gears now:
1) put into first gear (with + or /gearu)
2) accelerate
3) RELEASE the gas key (like 'w' from wasd) and, now SHIFT UP with + or /gearu bind.
4) Very quickly press gas again (accelerate into the new gear)

The trick is, you must be fluent and quick with this. After you changed gear after releasing gas, you must rapidly accelerate/gas again, or else your engine will stall from clutch failure (so it's pretty realistic).

I will soon add a video to demonstrate so you can easier get used to it.

Because it features a sort of clutch and RPM, it can be useful for roleplay servers. After exercising the procedure ~ 5 times you will do it out of routine..

Original resource: https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=de..amp;id=952

Much logic was rewritten from original


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