rssRadar3D (radar3d)

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Resource: Radar 3D v1.1.6
Author: Ren712


This resource replaces an old GTASA radar with gta5 like 3D radar.
It uses image2material3D class to transform map and radar areas
into 3d space.

Exported functions:
createCustomBlip(posX, posY, posZ, texture,[size, colR, colG, colB, colA, visibleDistance])
setCustomBlipTexture(customBlipElement, texture)
setCustomBlipPosition(customBlipElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomBlipSize(customBlipElement, size)
setCustomBlipColor(customBlipElement, colR, colG, colB, colA)
setCustomBlipVisibleDistance(customBlipElement, visibleDistance)
setCustomBlipInterior(customBlipElement, int interiorID)

createCustomTile(texture, posX, posY, posZ,[rotX, rotY, rotZ, sizX, sizY, colR, colG, colB, colA , isBillboard])
setCustomTileTexture(customTileElement, texture)
setCustomTilePosition(customTileElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomTileSize(customTileElement, sizeX, [sizeY])
setCustomTileRotation(customTileElement, rotX, rotY, rotZ)
setCustomTileColor(customTileElement, colR, colG, colB, colA)
setCustomTileBillboard(customTileElement, boolean isBillboard)
setCustomTileCullMode(customTileElement, int cullMode)
setCustomTileInterior(customTileElement, int interiorID)

createCustomMaterialLine2D(pos1X, pos1Y, pos2X, pos2Y, [width, colR, colG, colB, colA , isBillboard, isSoft])
createCustomMaterialBezierLine2D(pos1X, pos1Y, pos2X, pos2Y, pos3X, pos3Y, pos4X, pos4Y, [width, colR, colG, colB, colA , isBillboard, isSOft])
createCustomMaterialLine3D(pos1X, pos1Y, pos1Z,pos2X, pos2Y, pos2Z, [width, colR, colG, colB, colA , isBillboard, isSoft])
createCustomMaterialBezierLine3D(pos1X, pos1Y, pos1Z, pos2X, pos2Y, pos2Z, pos3X, pos3Y, pos3Z, pos4X, pos4Y, pos4Z, [width, colR, colG, colB, colA , isBillboard, isSoft])
setCustomMaterialPosition(customMaterialElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomMaterialPosition1(customMaterialElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomMaterialPosition2(customMaterialElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomMaterialPosition3(customMaterialElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomMaterialPosition4(customMaterialElement, posX, posY, posZ)
setCustomMaterialRotation(customMaterialElement, rotX, rotY, rotZ)
setCustomMaterialColor(customMaterialElement, colR, colG, colB, colA)
setCustomMaterialSize(customMaterialElement, sizeX, [sizeY])
setCustomMaterialWidth(customMaterialElement, width)
setCustomMaterialBillboard(customMaterialElement, boolean isBillboard)
setCustomMaterialCullMode(customMaterialElement, int cullMode)
setCustomMaterialInterior(customMaterialElement, int interiorID)


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Version history

Version Publish Date Changes
1.1.6 2020-09-07 22:30:08 -fixed inverted blips (last time i didn't update the effect file for unknown reason) Download
1.1.5 2020-04-21 23:39:17 -fixed inverted blips
-fixed typo in createCustomBlip exported function
1.1.4 2018-06-02 22:21:06 -reenabled billboarding for custom tiles
-added isSoft variable for lines
1.1.3 2018-05-21 06:50:03 -fixed a typo in createBezier3D (VS calculations regarding tesselation) Download
1.1.2 2018-05-20 00:46:57 -replaced linear with anisotropic filtering for tiles
-passed matrix calculations to vertex shader
-removed class and mta oop to further optimise the code for better performance (3 times lower CPU usage than 1.1.1)
-added exported functions: createCustomMaterialLine2D, createCustomMaterialBezierLine2D, createCustomMaterialLine3D, createCustomMaterialBezierLine3D
1.1.1 2017-03-07 06:00:00 -fixed a minor issue (when no proper blip position values) Download
1.1.0 2017-02-21 03:52:33 - optimized some calculations Download
1.0.9 2017-01-05 21:15:55 - using collectgarbage("setpause",100) to fix mta oop memory leaks Download
1.0.8 2016-07-26 00:57:28 -fixed memory leaks Download
1.0.7 2016-04-26 05:39:45 -fixed the createCustomTile function not passing proper position Download
1.0.6 2016-04-22 13:04:28 -added custom blip and tile exported functions Download
1.0.5 2016-04-18 12:33:55 - better floating point calculation correction (for low angles between point and plane) Download
1.0.4 2016-04-18 01:21:03 -fixed a typo Download
1.0.3 2016-04-17 23:35:03 -added tile culling -changed getting screen position method Download
1.0.2 2016-04-01 03:28:09 -updated image3D_man to recent version Download
1.0.1 2016-03-23 08:06:49 -reduced number of tiles to 36 (from ridiculous 144) Should improve resource performance. Download
1.0.0 2016-03-21 20:36:24 First public release Download